Try a Low Friction Ring

A simple replacement to blocks on sailing boats.

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Replacing blocks with rings?

Low friction rings are a simple way to replace your old blocks for new. Not only are the rings cheaper and more lightweight, they are also more durable and have a much higher breaking load, which means they are a safer solution. Are you looking for a good place on your boat to try a low friction ring out? Here are a few ideas for you:

-Jib sheet inhaul w. Low Friction Ring

-Backstay tensioning w. Low Friction Rings

-Spinnaker barberhaul tweakers with Low Friction Rings

There are in general a lot of different opinions on where and where not to use low friction rings, and in regards to that - it is important to acknowledge that the friction generating when forcing any type of rope or line through a ring is much higher than the friction that a classic block generates. That being said - you will experience that a little friction will not make a big difference on a lot of places on a sailing boat  You can read more articles about this here.